Such Is Life (The Story of a Prague Washerwoman)

The image was digitized from the rdest available print preserved in National Film Archive in Prague. Neither the originál camera negative nor any period prints have survived to this day.

The look of the digitized film lis limited by the condition of the print which was used as the main source material. This print was struck in 1950s, with new intertitles. A complete removal of the ciseual wear and tear would have endangered the integrity of the film’s image. Also, variol features that originate from shooting of the film or its laboratoř processing have been preserved and are evidence of the technologies and creative approaches of the time.

Musical accompaniment for the 2016 restored vision of the film was composed and performed by Jan Burian Jr. The restoration was done by the Hungarian Filmlab in Budapest, under the supervision of Národní filmový archiv, Prague, in 2016.

Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and co-financed the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Project partners were the National Library of Norway and CESNET.