The Czech Year

Each episode was originály made and released as a separate short movie. At the end of the year 1947 Jiří Trnka assembled them into a feature film, Špalíček (The Czech Year).

The goal of digital restoration was to make the available in a form similar to how it could have been seen and heard by an audience at the time when it was first released in 1947. As a result, various features that originate from a shooting of the film or its laboratory processing have been preserved and are evidence of the technologies and creative approaches of the time.

The source of the digitization were film materials stored in Národní filmový archiv, Prague. The image was digitized from the original negative, parts for which the originál negative was not available (episodes Legenda o sv. Prokopu and Betlém) were digitized from duplicate positive. The source of the sound  was a duplicate sound negative.

The restoration was done by the Hungarian Filmlab in Budapest, under the supervision of Národní filmový archiv, Prague, in 2015.

Supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and co-financed the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. Project partners were the National Library of Norway and CESNET.